Thursday, 10 February 2011

AotF: Main Characters Part 2

The General
Fallen knew he wouldn't stand a chance alone. His revolution needed allies, slaves like him, freed from the oppression of the Master. One by one he sought them out, warriors blind to their slavery - and he opened their eyes.  And when he did, in their rage and lust for revenge they swore an oath. To follow him to freedom...wherever the path may lead.
The General was the first one to join. He used to be just a low ranking Master's Executioner, hunting down and punishing anyone who'd dare to oppose His will.  A perfect tool - careless and brute, always ready to carry out any order. He is now the high commander of the Fallen's army. The one to lead his men when the final assault comes.

The General

The Advisor
While he prefers to call himself simply 'the Advisor', throughout the years he was given a different name - 'the Gray Eminence'. It is unknown where he came from, but according to general belief he's never served the Master's empire.
He quickly gained Fallen's trust and became his first and only counsellor. Every time there's a major decision to be made, the Advisor is there to whisper silent words of wisdom into Fallen's ear, on every grand ceremony Advisor holds a compelling speech. Some even say he's the one who truly rules the Fallen - but no one would dare to speak those words aloud.
For he is the Fallen's favorite. And if there's a single person he would share his secret plans with, it would be him...

The Advisor

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