Monday, 31 August 2009

Shadows of the Past teaser

And now, the main event of my summer...We've successfully shot our sequel for Power of the Dark Side. It's called Shadows of the Past, it's darker, bigger, more action filled and more in every possible aspect...Well, yeah, I'm thrilled indeed. Just have a look at the teaser.

The shooting of the first film took us 5 hours. The shooting of this one a week. The lightsaber fight in the first one is 1 minute long. Now it's 8 minutes. Plus there are big space ships floating through the space, futuristic cities being destroyed by orbital cannons, spacefighters everywhere and one young Sith tormented by his dark past.

Stay tuned for the whole movie. Coming this year.

- Martin

I'm back

Quite a lot has happened since my last post. In fact, Ive decided to delete this site some time ago...fortunately there's a great feature on called Undelete blog...Why I deleted it? I thought I'm going to make my own website or portfolio of some sort, but in the, you know, no time. Well, so here I am, blogging again. And I have some great news indeed.

Let's start with some pictures. Lets say Ive learned quite a lot of CG lately, Maya, to be accurate. It's a great piece of software, so filled with possibilities that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Modeling, texturing, dynamics, particles, fluids, animation - tons and tons of great stuff. I'm just a humble beginner, but Ill definitely try to improve.

Here are some images I've made. It's a combination of Maya and After Effects mostly.

One more thing. I thought that knowing After Effects makes me quite a good VFX guy. Well, no the case. As Ive found out, After Effects is a software great for creating title sequences, flashy graphics, maybe even some effects...but its not for compositing. And since compositing is the main part of VFX guys daily work, I think I have a lot to learn.

At least I have Nuke now...

- Martin