Friday, 4 February 2011

AotF Main Characters: The Fallen

The enigmatic main hero of the Armies of the Fallen. Little is known about his past, who he was, where he came from...only dark stories go round, whispers of unthinkable horrors. Yet one thing is certain; he was the first one to break the chains and escape the slavery. The first one to rise up and challenge the Master.
And as the story of his deeds started to spread, others like him began to see through the Master's lies. They fought and died in great numbers to free themselves and join his cause - and together they formed a new force in the galaxy. A force banished from Light and betrayed by Darkness...they are the Fallen.
Yet behind the mask of their leader more secrets hide. And nothing is ever the way it seems to be.

The Fallen

This awesome concept art was created by Travis J. Wright. Follow his blog on
Stay tuned for more info about the characters of Armies of the Fallen.

- MK


  1. Awesome, the story's taking a pretty good shape and I love the concept! Great work, keep it up. Cant wait for more.

  2. Very cool, Martin. I really enjoy the story so far and look forward to seeing the complete film. It will be very interesting to see my designs come to life in live-action. :)

  3. Thank you, I'll do my best to make this really worth the wait :-)