Tuesday, 25 January 2011

AotF: Pulse of the Battle

Watch an exclusive look under the hood of Tomas Zemler's composing magic in this awesome preproduction track. Feel the tremble of the battle march!

There's more coming, so don't forget to subsribe to Tomas' profile.

- MK

Saturday, 22 January 2011

AotF: New team member + info

We have a new team member! I'd like to officially welcome Travis Wright, an amazing concept artist who will help us bring the main characters to live. To find out more about Travis, just visit his blog.

Also, I managed to finalize the script and quickly put together another concept, showing the Temple in all its glory.

Burning Skies Concept

We are still looking for talented artists to help us with our project! Currently we need:
- starship concept artist & designer
- environment designer
A lot of 3d is coming and so we need some pretty solid technical sketches for all the props, ships and machinery. If you'd like to help out, please contact me on martin.klekner@gmail.com

- MK

Thursday, 13 January 2011

AotF: Assembling the Team

The process of assembling artists for AoF has started and I'm very happy to announce that the old team is back. Once again Tomáš Zemler is  going to be responsible for the soundtrack and he will surely unleash some pretty epic hell with his digital orchestra. Daniel Maher, the guy responsible for lightsabers in Power of the Dark Side, and Cornell Herg, talented postproduction artist from Shadows of the Past, are joining the visual effects team.

Ed Khoo is back to VO the Master character! [Loud cheers of joy]

There are several new guys coming, but the best addition to our production team is definitely the DOP Drahoslav Lysak, the guy with camera, green screen and everything else.

We are still looking for talented people to collaborate on our project! Right now the most needed post is a concept artist - so if you're one and you're willing to help us for free (yeah yeah, strictly fan-based project), please contact me on martin.klekner@centrum.cz

One more thing - the script is almost finished and first CG models are being produced. Also more concepts are coming.

Very first AoF CG model...a tileable floor! :-D
Hehe, ok...back to awesome things.

- MK

Saturday, 8 January 2011

AotF: Akuss Invasion

Yes. Battles in space. That's one more thing I plan for AotF. Meet Akuss, Master's homeworld.

Akuss Invasion Concept

- MK

Sunday, 2 January 2011

AotF: Throne Room

Second concept art for Armies of Fallen. This is Master - the mysterious voice that's been guiding us through Power of the Dark Side and Shadows of the Past as I imagine him in person. The initial idea will probably change a lot though.

Master in the Throne Room Concept

- MK