Monday, 27 December 2010

Armies of the Fallen Announcement

This is it. The sequel to Shadows of the Past is now officially announced. Follow us and wait. The pulse of battle is growing stronger...

"The circle is complete." - Master

Several years have passed since the end of Shadows of the Past. War has been raging ever since. Fallen's revolution changed the whole Empire, it turned the Master's realm to shreds. Fallen's armies, though weak and unorganized at the beginning, were forged into a deadly and unstoppable weapon. Now all that's left is to strike a final blow and confront Master directly.

Yet even our hero can feel that something is wrong. That something was born inside himself and it can not be undone. It made him reclusive, solitary, until finally one day, his mask appeared. Since then, no one has seen his face again.

Together they march, towards the final battle. They have crossed the Shadows, but lost the Light. And the way forth is only one...

The Assault on Master's Temple Concept

Even this time we plan to deliver only the best quality, but in much bigger scale. We will focus not only on the VFX and action sequences, but also on the story and acting.  Stay tuned for more info. This will be THE Star Wars fanfilm we've always dreamed of!

One more thing - no black screen this time. The goal is to bring 30 minutes of non-stop jaw dropping Star Wars epicness.

- MK

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


In the precious free time I so long to have now I managed to paint several digital and matte painting studies. By no means masterpieces, but it was great fun making them.
City of Primos * Work in Progress
Misty Tower

That's all from me for some time.
- MK