Sunday, 27 February 2011

AotF: Archon

Archon is the second largest ship of the Fallen's fleet. It is usually used to guard conquered territories, serving as a mobile baseship. It can carry several smaller battleships and is equipped with heavy blaster cannons able to tear through the shields of even the mightiest starships. Its speed, reliability and strength is the very reason why it's also called "The Scourge of the Sith". 


This is a second preview frame. I tested the newest model and also decided to make the overall look less funky, more gritty. It's still not quite where I want it, but I'm getting there...

I'm fairly happy with the detail on the back of the ship, but the front definitely needs more work. However since Archon will be mostly seen from the back, the goal is probably completed with this one. And it takes only 1 minute to render one frame at 1920*1080. Definitely less than I'd expected.

- MK

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