Thursday, 5 April 2012

AotF: The Invasion Plan

The planet Akuss is a fortress. It relies on its orbital shields to prevent any kind of bombardment. Its only surface structure is the Temple - everything else is built underground. The anti-air guns can destroy any spaceship in a matter of minutes. And in case everything else fails, an EMP field can be activated around all the essential military centers.

It is impossible to reach the surface by ordinary means.

Fallen's plan is simple, crude and effective. He wants to flood the Akuss' skies with drop pods powered by ordinary fuels, able to withstand the effects of the EMP field. Each Pod is carrying several soldiers, ready to fight on foot as soon as they hit the ground. Fallen intends to assemble an army near the Temple and attack it head-on, while his fleet remains on the orbit to occupy Master's forces.

Fast and  decisive action is the key. Even cornered, Master is a powerful opponent.

- MK

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