Sunday, 19 February 2012

Armies of the Fallen: Akuss

"This is where it began. And where it all ends."
- Fallen

Though located in the very heart of Master's empire, the desert planet Akuss stands completely isolated from all the neighboring sectors and very little is known about it altogether. There are in fact only two things one can be sure of. While it may seem barren from the outside, it is an impregnable fortress with strong orbital shields protecting it from bombardment and huge underground military bases, storing hundreds of thousands of soldiers, ships and war machines.

It is also a place where Master's Throne is located. From here he rules with an iron grip over his vast intergalactic realm.

Or at least – that is how it was before Fallen's revolution.

After his long campaign he managed to steadily push Master's troops from one planet to another, forcing them to retreat and surrender. Enduring defeats and striking decisive victories, he slowly turned the empire to shreds. Then, after many years of fighting, he finally reached Akuss, the place where his fate will be decided. The place where he'll meet his former Master for one last time...

- MK

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