Sunday, 13 March 2011

AotF: Digital Double

I didn't have time to work on AotF this week, but at least I managed to comp this first image of Fallen's digital double I'm going to use in a lot of scenes where it'd be otherwise impossible to film the actor.
I think it's about 95% of the film quality, I finally tried out all the techniques I wanted and am fairly sure about the pipeline. Now it's just about finishing and then animating it - which will be another huge milestone in the whole process.

I made some changes to Travis' design, mainly to make the mask more different from Revan's.

Fallen's digital double CG test

- MK


  1. c'est magnifique, hâte de voir se que cela donnera dans le film :p

  2. I personally liked the Fallen in his concept art form (

    The sharp eyes and loose hood appeal to me much more than the rounded eyes and medieval hood.

  3. Thanks for the opinion, pitty you like this look less.

    However the concept was too evil in its appereance and I realized it wouldn't be for the best. Fallen is the main protagonist of the story and though he's mysterious and dark, I wanted people to be able to symphatize with him... thats why I chose this less threatening appearance.