Friday, 4 January 2013

AotF: Raffia

A new matte painting for Armies of the Fallen. Raffia, Fallen's safe haven.

Master's betrayal left Fallen weak and broken. He needed a place to hide and gather his strength, a safe haven. Raffia was perfect. Located at the very edge of the known galaxy, hidden deep in countless star nebulas, it offered a perfect opportunity to disappear from Master's sight.

Here, he gathered his first followers, young men and women with similar experiences, cheated with false promises and then tossed away when no longer needed. Here his plan for revenge was born.

- MK


  1. hey! i just saw your film and youtube, and was wondering where you guys where based. if its anywhere in NYC i would love to help be the DOP, i would film and provide basic edits and basic sound. im not good with vfx, but more interested in camera technique and good story!.
    email me at if you are interested. im willing to do other things to help as well.

  2. Hello, thank you very much, unfortunately, we are based in Europe...
    I'll send you an email.

    Best regards, MK