Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Showreel 2010

And here's also the new showreel - I tweaked the Making of SotP video a little and called it final.

And yeah...that's about it for Shadows of the Past. One chapter of my life is over...let's move on to more exciting things now! Many people asked me what am I planing for my next project. The ideas are numerous and I must say I have a hard time staying low and controlling myself...because I'd really love to make an epic 90 minutes movie with blowing spaceships, charging armies, complex characters and great storyline (Stories first! Hmm, why do I keep naming it last? Focus, Martin!). The only way that certain is that...I'm not certain which of those concepts in my head should I pick first.

But I can tell you one thing - I want to make a CG short film before I (hopefully) shoot the third part of my SW trilogy. Which means I must study following topics: CG character modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. Which is not exactly a small thing...I'm currently finishing the modeling and texturing.

If I'll work hard enough (and I will!) I'll be able to finish the self-study course till the end of this year. Then I'll pick one story from my collection and make it into a short CG film. That's the plan. And I'm the man of my word...

P.S. Anyone talented in CG work willing to join me in my efforts, please, send me a message :-)

- MK

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