Sunday, 10 February 2013

Armies of the Fallen Progress

Soo, great news! I was finally able to rig the model of Fallen and make it move. It is probably my 10th attempt and it feels great to have finally succeeded at it. The skinning needs to be polished and the model itself needs new textures, but cool stuff can be done with it already.

And also, I did some new environment tests for the Akuss surface and added models from Benjamin Delaey - the statue and horns.

Other team members are also working hard on the project.

Scott Richard did this wonderful matte painting of Raffia, Fallen's home planet.

Fynn Große-Bley, our new sculptor, also has a great progress on the Fallen model.

And we have a new Sound FX guy, Mikkel Nielsen. Check his website here!
It is so great to see the progress we all make. Stay tuned for more :-)

- MK

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